CakeResume Campus Ambassador Program

Learn skills to enrich innovation community at your school.

Become a CakeResume Campus Ambassador with training from CakeResume. Learn public speaking, content marketing, community leadership, and business development skills that will help you improve your campus.

CakeResume Campus Ambassador learn professional skills

  • Public Speaking

  • Content Marketing

  • Business Development

and more you need for developing your career in tech!

Empower talented student on your campus

As a CakeResume Campus Ambassador, you will receive training and mentorship from CakeResume employees, opportunities to participate in Talent Connect events, and support to help you grow the innovation community at your school.

Small team, global mission

As a CakeResume Campus Ambassador, you are part of CakeResume — involved and solving global problems from the start. To create an ecosystem where diverse talent can get connected to great opportunities around the world. We need your talent. Join us!

CakeResume Campus Ambassador

in Taipei

National Chengchi University

National Taiwan University

Not see your school?

Contact your local campus ambassador

CakeResume Campus Ambassador can help you with resume workshops, talent connect events, job fairs and more.

"We value creativity, we believe that everyone needs a profile to present themselves the way they love, and we sure do love to see people find their dream jobs!"

Business Development

"At CakeResume, we aim to help people fully display their value and further match the right talent with quality jobs!"

Business Development

"We bring together everyone in the innovative industries with meaningful content and experiential event. And match talents to winning teams. "

Business Development

Eligibility requirements

To participate in the CakeResume Campus Ambassador program, you must be 18 years of age or over and a student in good standing at a post-secondary institution.

A CakeResume Campus Ambassador can get a chance to connect with the world’s innovative companies

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